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of our services is evident from numerous testimonials

We have been cooperating with the Novemedia Ltd. company for many years. We are pleased to confirm the high standard of its services, set to full satisfaction and customer contentment. The existing cooperation on many levels allows us to recommend the company for knowing the contemporary market as a source of valuable information in the transport industry.

Magdalena Pasaman, External Communication Manager

GEFCO Polska

Omnitracs Europe BV has started working with the team since June 2012, already we feel we developed a good relationship and achieved good results from our first bannering and thought leadership campaigns. The team allows us to demonstrate our core competence, telematics products and fleet management services to a wide audience within the Polish Transport market. Omnitracs believes in strong partnerships and we have demonstrated creating added value by working together with the best companies around the world. We?re keen on continuing our growing relationship with the team and we feel confident that we will achieve even better results in the near future.

Sander Görtjes

Omnitracs Europe BV

We rely on for banner advertising. The portal employees demonstrate a high degree of work commitment and professional competence. We recommend as a reliable partner.

Magdalena Kubiak

Inelo Stocerz Sp.J.

By long-termcooperation we define Novemedia as a reliable business partner. We decide to entrust our publicity campaigns to Novamedia because of their professional protection and ability to adjust an offer to our needs. We consider portal as the greatest and most interesting source of knowledge and exchange of experience in the transport market.

Aneta Janczewska


We are cooperating with NOVEMEDIA LTD for two years. Thanks to advertising campaigns on we made many new business contacts. We are appreciating the cooperation effectiveness, responsiveness and flexibility in operation. We recommend Novemedia Ltd and portal as a reliable partner.

Adam Aszyk

Adar sp. z o.o.

We have been cooperating with Novemedia for 3 years and are satisfied with their professional service and thorough approach to tasks and problems. Each order we have placed was completed in a short time and to a high standard. Besides, the portal, owned by Novemedia is a mine of information and useful facts in our line of business.

Hubert Spyrka

Dinotrans Sp z o.o.

We have been working with since 2008 and this year we've decided to renew our collaboration. It has proved to be an efficient tool to promote ourselves in Poland. Has proven, as well, to be a reliable company and also an effective means to achieve our goals. Thanks to their complete reports on the viewing of the website and user behavior, we have learned how to channel all communication campaigns, focusing on the most appropriate audience for our products.

Asia Zielinska


We have been cooperating with the Polish team of etransport since the beginning of their activity. Thanks to this portal, we have access to information about the transport and logistics market. We can recommend them as a reliable partner and a good source of information about our sector. also supports our social campaign "Transport is necessary", which proves their social responsibility.

Marta Szymborska

Grupa Raben

The EL-TRANS company, represented by Elżbieta Sierocka, has the pleasure in confirming that Novemedia Ltd, the owner of the portal has completed our order in a timely manner, with competence and reliability. Employees of Novemedia Ltd have demonstrated professional attitude and a high level of customer service.

Andrzej Sierocki

P.H.U. EL-TRANS Elżbieta Sierocka

We have been cooperating with Novemedia since 2007. I believe this is a trustworthy company, which relies on modern means of effective advertising. Because of the quality and timeliness of their services, I highly recommend them as a valuable Partner. In addition, Novemedia stands out in terms of on good customer service.

Jakub Wesołowski

Starter Sp. z o.o.

We started to cooperate with the portal a couple of years ago and we are very satisfied with it, because of its professional service and the commitment of the staff that are in touch with us. Their flexible approach to customer service can be seen in their pursuit of the common goal and efforts made to adapt their own to meet our needs. I particularly appreciate their quick response time: the press releases I send are posted on the portal immediately.

Ewelina Ptak

KH-KIPPER Sp. z o.o.

Our company has had the pleasure of doing business with the portal for many years. Thanks to this cooperation we have managed to run a series of successful campaigns, which helped us to develop business relationships with new customers. We value the exceptional quality of the service, timeliness and the ability to cope with non-standard situations. Above all, however, it is the people who represent the portal that its greatest asset: always ready to help and quick to respond with an offer that effectively meets our needs.

Agnieszka Kazimierczak

Teleroute Sp. z o.o.

I am fully satisfied with our cooperation with both the English and Polish division of Novemedia. Our business relations based on mutual trust as well as the support offered at every stage convince me that this company can be recommended as a trustworthy business partner: not only as a provider of reliable information but also on account of its capacity to reach a specific target group and provide interesting business solutions in marketing to users of HGV and lorry tyres.

Marcin Cywiński

Continental Opony Polska sp z o.o.