We operate

a few websites dedicated to the transport sector, which are visited by over 400,000 users every month.


Launched in 2003, it is the leading portal for information and social networking services in the transport and logistics sector in Poland: with over 700,000 regular users and over 4 million hits every month.
The portal enjoys widespread recognition with representatives of transport and logistics companies for its daily updated news service, a rich selection of job offers, information about driving bans in Europe, a database of good parking facilities, a discussion forum and an events calendar.

Website: etransport.pl


This is a constantly updated database of HGV traffic bans in Europe. It contains additional information and tips that can come in handy while crossing specific countries, such as legal requirements for tyres, the use of lights, emergency phone numbers, embassy phone numbers, etc.

Website: trafficban.com


Food is a necessity of life.However, a list of dishes a driver can take along on a long journey is limited, and it is impossible to live on a diet of instant soups and restaurant meals. The website provides a database of easy recipes and useful cooking tips for drivers.Recipes are posted by the etransport community.This is the only website in Poland to offer this kind of knowledge to drivers and their families.

Website: www.kuchniakierowcy.pl


The website is intended as a help to drivers who need to get to their truck parked away from their home (or get back home from a parking facility) by enabling them to get in touch with fellow drivers, who can give them a ride en route to their destination.

Website: www.kierowcadozabrania.pl